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fakefood's Journal

Fake Food in contrast to Real Food
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Fake food is enjoyable to look at and to touch.
Do you like to squeeze rubber table grapes in your fingers and giggle? or maybe you squeeze them without giggling, a more sober squeezer. Maybe you'd rather look but not touch. That's okay too. Whatever your response is to rubber table grapes, it is ok, you don't have to be ashamed.
Are you fascinated with fake liquids that look amazingly real but are solid? I sure am.
Do you make fake food artwork?
Do you like the fake food in store displays?
This is where we post pictures of fake food, talk about making fake food, or possibly talk about other fake things that are pretending to be real things. Fake things attempting to recreate reality are wonderful.
Such as:
  • fake kitchens in hardware stores.
  • fake home displays at furniture stores.
  • fake houses and everyday objects in miniature.
    and all sorts of other things that are fake but mimicking reality!